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Permits, Inspections, Regulations, Zoning, and Parish Codes

What You Need to Know!

Fire Marshall

If the occupancy of your building changed, you are building a new building, or substantially renovating an existing building, building plans must be submitted to the state fire marshall’s office. They will review plans for compliance with the building codes and issue a review letter concerning the project. There is a review fee that starts at $55 and is based upon the square footage of the building. The fire marshall’s office will perform a final inspection prior to a certificate of occupancy being issued.

State Environmental Office

The mission of the environmental services program is to ensure that the citizens have a clean and healthy environment to live and work in for present and future generations. Call 225-686-1786 to find out more about sewer and sanitation in your area. Our goal is regulating pollution sources, providing permitting activities consistent with laws and regulations, providing interface between the department and businesses and customers, providing permit support services and improved public participation The permitting activity will provide single entry/contact point for permitting, including a multi-media team approach; improved permit tracking; and the ability to focus on applications with highest potential for environmental impact.

Parish Planning Office

Livingston Parish is one of the fastest growing parishes in our state. It is our charge to manage this accelerated growth rate as outlined in Chapter 13 on the Livingston Parish Code of Ordinances. Most of these items include minor subdivision, subdivisions without improvements, and subdivisions with improvements, commercial projects, multi-family (apartments, town houses, condos, etc.) or mobile home parks.

The Planning and Development Department strives to develop, maintain, and implement a plan for harmonious development and growth which promotes the health, safety, morals, order, conveniences, prosperity and general welfare of our parish.

Here is quick access to some documents you may require:

General Information
Form 20-E Checklist
Application for Commercial Development
Commercial Development Organization Chart and Procedures
Commercial Ordinance

If you need more information, please visit http://www.livingstonparishla.gov/departments/planning-development/

Parish Health Unit

The parish health unit must be contacted if you are selling food, beverages, and/or alcohol. The sanitation services unit will furnish you with a packet of materials to get the required health permit. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals website is also available to identify the specific parish health unit. Their phone number is 225-686-9365.

Alcohol Permit

Any establishment serving alcohol or tobacco needs to secure an alcohol and/or tobacco license. A state and a local license must be obtained and the law states that an applicant shall mail or deliver both his applications for state and local permits within twenty-four hours of each other. The state laws governing alcohol and tobacco licenses may be renewed here. The best way to begin this process is to contact the local alcohol permit administrator. The state Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) office may also be contacted at 225.925.4041 and request a new business packet. ATC can mail this packet or you can go by their office at 8585 Archives Avenue, Suite 220, Baton Rouge, LA 70809. This office is closed on Fridays. Some important tips about this process:

  • Anyone applying for an alcohol license MUST HAVE a state and local sales tax clearance before they will be issued a permit.
  • ATC ONLY accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, or certified checks. No other form of payment is acceptable.

Upon receipt of a new business application, ATC has thirty-five days to issue or deny the permit. The thirty-five days begins on the date ATC receives the application. If you have not received your permit by the thirty-fifth day, you should contact your regional office. Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control 8585 Archives Avenue, Suite 220 Baton Rouge, LA 70809 225.925.4041 www.atc.rev.state.la.us

Sheriff’s Office

To pay, or inquire about, your property taxes, visit the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s website here, or contact them at 225-686-2241 Ext. 400.

Certificate of Occupancy

The license is renewable on a yearly basis and can be obtained from the municipal government. You can find out where to register using the Louisiana Secretary of State’s GeauxBiz business assistance tool. GeauxBiz is a clearinghouse for all business-related information including a database of company names, filing a business online, discovering business licensing information, and much more. This form, along with the necessary fee, must be submitted. Once your application is processed by the Revenue Division Taxpayer Assistance Section, an occupational license certificate will be mailed to you to be posted in the place of business.

The local occupation license for Livingston Parish must be acquired from the sheriff’s office. They can be reached at 225-686-2241. All companies should call to confirm that they require the license and how often they will need to renew it.

Construction Codes and Permits

If you are unsure of, or have questions about, building and construction codes or permits inside Livingston Parish, you can visit the Parish’s website. While the permit page cannot cover the vast topics necessary, you can fill out a form to send in if you cannot find the necessary information, or call 225-686-4400.

Operating Licenses

The SBA provides a concise list here, providing a numbered list of instructions that will take you through setting up your business and acquiring any operating licenses, permits, or registrations.

Signs Codes (Parish and Cities)

You can find ordinances regarding signs in Section 19 and 26 of the Denham Springs Code of Ordinances. You can find ordinances regarding signs in Section 5 of the Walker Code of Ordinances.

Parish Zoning / Building Regulations

The greater Livingston Parish area has no zoning requirements, but for building regulations you can visit the permit department.

City of Walker and Denham Springs’ Zoning, Licences, and Building Regulations

For Denham Springs, businesses can visit this page to access instructions, links to visit, and regulations to follow. Fresh businesses can visit this page for step-by-step instructions. For the City of Walker, you can visit these three links for starting a business inside the City of Walker: http://walker.la.us/occupational-licenses http://walker.la.us/building-permits http://walker.la.us/Planning-and-Zoning