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Insurance Needs

As a business owner getting started or growing, it is important to think about what types of business insurance will be needed. Be sure that an outside event does not close your business down or keep you and your employees from being paid.

Can you still be paid if a fire causes your business to shut down temporarily? What if a customer claims that the work you did for them caused them harm or was not what you agreed to? Is there a way to recover your losses if a freezer broke and you lost all your perishable merchandise? What if a customer comes in and slips in your store?

These are some of the many questions a qualified insurance broker or agent can discuss with you to craft the policy that will best protect you, your business, and your employees. The exact package that best meets your needs will depend upon your particular business, but commercial general liability insurance is usually a “must have” for any business.

Whether it is business property and income insurance, commercial liability insurance, business interruption coverage, workers’ compensation, commercial auto insurance, bonding or umbrella insurance, it is important to secure the coverage that best protects your business before you need it.

To find licensed insurance agents in the area, visit the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s website at www.ldi.louisiana.gov.